The AP-HP conducts a technical platform for medical-surgical the university hospital Henri-Mondor

The Public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), announces the launch of the project Réanimations, Blocks, Interventional (RBI), which aims to reorganise the supported operative and critical care at the hospital Henri Mondor, AP-HP, Créteil. The AP-HP invests 56 million euros in the construction of a new building, designed with Brunet Saunier Architecture, of which the building permit has just been filed for a surface of 12 498 m2 on six levels. The work will be carried out by Rabot Dutilleul Construction, which will begin in September 2017 for completion in 2020, the 50th anniversary of the university hospital Henri-Mondor. In the continuity of the projects of rearrangement of the facilities of the AP-HP, this building advanced certified High Environmental Quality, will be within the Campus Mondor 2020 near a future train station Grand Paris.

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In the context of the future Campus Mondor 2020, the project Réanimations, Blocks, Interventional (RBI), combining modernization, performance and new technologies, aims to improve the supply of health care by rethinking organizations in a logic of pathways of care are optimised, supported by research, and training.

A new building will be constructed on the edge of the hospital centre, connected to the main tower in Mondor. On a surface of 12 498 m2 on 6 levels, it will include the operating room, including the Care of Post Interventional (SSPI), and the réanimations and monitors the ongoing of the institution.

It will include an intensive care unit with a capacity of 55 beds, a service of critical care with 30 beds, of continuous monitoring. The spaces of critical care standardised and the areas of resuscitation will be organized around a monitoring station, providing visibility on each of the rooms.

An operating suite of 21 operating rooms, scalable and efficient, will ensure the development of supported, of the support the more you have programmed with a stronger rotation ” ambulatory surgery “, to support the less predictable ” emergency “. The cutting module has been designed to optimize the specificity of the activities of the Hospital. Of hybrid operating rooms will allow to combine surgical and interventional imaging.

The extension will also be equipped with innovative tools, such as a pneumatic system for the biology and Blood Products are Labile with a system TAL Automated Transport Heavy allowing the automated dispensing of medicines and medical equipment between the various floors.

This logistics organization, efficient and modern, will reduce the time caregivers spent on logistical tasks to support the time with the patients.

In addition, to facilitate the movement of ambulances, and 3,500 people working daily on the site, the building will be built on stilts. A building solution that frees the floor space for these flows, but also respond to the issue of a flood-prone area of the site. These stilts will be organised around a central core that will house meeting rooms, as well as ancillary services of the hospital centre.

The start of construction of the building RBI is programmed from the second half of 2017 to last until the 1st quarter of 2020. The architectural project will be fully realized with the help of the BIM technology (Building Information Modeling). Used as early as the competition phase, it was possible to validate immediately the feasibility of the project through a synthesis of architectural and fine technique in 3D. In the phase project, the BIM will allow a better readability and a better understanding of this highly technical project, as well as a precise monitoring of the progress of the work with the implementation of a planning 4D.

About the AP-HP
The AP-HP is an academic medical center on a european scale and internationally recognized. Its 39 hospitals welcome-every year 8 million people become sick : in consultation, in the emergency, during hospitalizations, planned or in-home hospitalization. It provides a public health service for all, 24h/24, and it is both a duty and a pride. The AP-HP is the first employer in the Ile-de-France : 100 000 people – doctors, researchers, paramedical staff, administrative staff and workers to work there.
About Rabot Dutilleul Construction
Rabot Dutilleul Construction carries out its activity of construction since the 1920s in new work as in rehabilitation, on all types of buildings: offices, hotels, schools, residential buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals…. It is involved in general contractor, design-build, structural work or installation real estate. With a engineering strong, and a constant willingness to innovate, Rabot Dutilleul Construction develops appropriate responses to the problems of its public and private clients. The company belongs to Rabot Dutilleul, a French group of building and development. The company has 827 employees and achieved a turnover of 268 million euros in 2016.

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