The AMF warns of the investments in diamonds

The AMF warns of the investments in diamonds

The AMF warns the public against the sites that offer to invest in diamonds without complying with the regulations in force. A list of banned sites in France is now available on the website of the AMF.

The companies that offer this type of investment on the French territory must have a registration number issued by the AMF.

The warning of the AMF aims at the following web sites :

This list is intended to warn investors French is not fully comprehensive. It will be updated regularly on the website of the AMF.

The AMF invites investors to apply rules of vigilance prior to any investment :

No commercial speech should not make us forget that there is no high return without high risk ;
Get a minimum of information on the companies that offer you these products (social identity, country of establishment, civil liability, organisation rules, etc) ;
Invest only in products you understand ;
Ask yourself the question of how is carried out the valuation of the product (purchase price or sales price), ask specifically about the terms of resale of the product and the time frames involved, especially in the case where the product invests on an asset class illiquid.

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