The american dream of Theo, Josiane, Tatiana…

It is not easy to find a first job in the United States. Those who do often use of the byways. They come in a student, still persist as an intern… before finding the real entrance door.

Josiane, Tatiana, Megan, Theo, Josselin… All live and work today in the United States. But the trip to France – the United States has not been an easy go. There was some back-and-forth, periods of doubt, moments where they almost collapse.

“It is a catch 22,” sums up Theo Negri, 30 years old, a brilliant computer engineer. The reference to the best-selling Joseph Heller (1923-1999), published in 1961, focuses on injunctions paradoxical part of the american administration. “You can’t come to the States if you don’t have a job,” says Theo Negri. And you can’t have a job if it is not in the United States. “

So what to do ? “Cheat, he suggests. Pretend you are a tourist with a visa of three months and are prospecting on-site with the companies of the Silicon Valley, in order to find one that will become your sponsor. “Small detail : the passage of the immigration services at the airport, you will be asked if you just look for a job. “The answer is no, of course. “You are neither a communist nor in job search.

Josselin Petit Hoang, 28 year-old, an alumnus of the management school ESSCA, wanted to in spite of everything start the adventure from France. He took a gap year and has sent forty nominations in California. No-one replied. He then changed his region to be of interest to start-up new york. And there, on a platform that was of castings for models and actors told him yes for a paid internship of one year. But after a few months, the start-up went bankrupt. Josselin Petit Hoang had to rapidly operate its network in New York.

The H1B for three years, renewable


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