The” alien “Elon Musk is” anywhere except on Earth “

Transformations. Far from us the idea of us dwelling on the torments of the billionaires of Silicon Valley, but still : Elon Musk deserves he such a trial ? For having smoked a puff of marijuana in an interview with late night on September 6 in Los Angeles, the CEO of Tesla is nailed to the pillory. Accused of being ” crazy “, “irresponsible” and damaging to the thirty thousand employees who work under his direction (and in plants regularly accused of violation of safety rules). The pictures show rougeaud, in a nebula of smoke. Not very flattering, it is true.

Let’s get back on the stage : a podcast of two and a half hours, half of which is occupied by the host, a comedian stand-up, Joe Rogan. A conversation more than an interview, interspersed by the shock of the ice cubes in the glasses of whiskey. Musk, wearing a t-shirt ” Occupy Mars “, is rather calm, even if it stretches constantly the vertebrae, as suffering from a stiff neck persistent. In his slight accent is south african, the engineer will discuss the merits of magnetic levitation in transport.

The ” Boring Company “, the “company in trouble” which he launched in December 2016 to joke. After the success of his caps (1 million sales), ” we said : let’s do something for 10 million dollars “, he explains. In January, the Boring Company has produced twenty thousand flamethrower (actually a welding roof improved), $ 500 a unit. The stock has been sold out in four days. Expert in moves media, Elon Musk has 22.5 million followers on Twitter and an army of ” musketeers “, who asked them also to have fun.

The rock star of Silicon Valley

Musk is everywhere except on earth. In basement : where it wants to dig underground tunnels to eliminate traffic jams (already over a kilometer made in Los Angeles). In the space,…

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