That makes the businesses that are struggling to recruit ?

This is a little music that comes back every month since the recovery took hold in France : despite full order books well filled, the margins found and an investment good, firms are struggling to recruit. According to the all-new barometer on cash and cash equivalents, the investment and growth of SMES, launched on Tuesday 15 may by the Lab of BPI and the think-tank COE-Rexecode, they would now be 86 % declare themselves ready to hire. But a little more than half (52 %) of companies surveyed have trouble finding the rare gems.

Strangely, the reason given by an overwhelming majority of patrons (81 %) to explain these difficulties is ” lack of candidates “, or more precisely the lack of profiles ” suitable “. Nearly half blame, in addition, the level of qualification, 26 % the lack of experience, 22 % adaptability to the culture house. Salary issues would not be a barrier in 20 % of cases. “The social benefits, career prospects, the reputation of the business are less quoted by the SME leaders “, adds the survey.

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To cope with these difficulties, the preferred solution seems to be… not to recruit but to re-organise internally in developing the versatility of employees through training, increasing the duration of the work (extra hours, longer part-time) and increasing compensation (in 18 % of cases). In contrast, the study notes, few business leaders are investing in automation of tasks (13 %), and they are even less likely to implement mobility solutions to the workforce or teleworking (4 %).

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