Thanks to Esker, BatiSanté wins 40 days per year by automating the sending of invoices and letter…

Lyon – may 16, 2017 — BatiSanté, compliance specialist and the security of the building, entrusted to Esker, the sending of 100 000 invoices and dunning letters on an annual basis. The outsourcing solution has allowed BatiSanté to automate its invoicing process and collection, with the key, productivity gains, improvement in the quality of work and immediate reduction of its settlement periods. Since 1987, the group BatiSanté has established itself as a leader in services to property managers in the fields of diagnosis, control, hygiene and fire safety of buildings.

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The accounting teams of BatiSanté have been confronted with a strong growth of the Group, while they were managing manually the sending of more than 100 000 invoices and letters of raises per year with many constraints :

– For billing : a very strong seasonality around 2 highlights in January and July with 25 000 invoices to be sent at the same time.
– For raises : a very large volume of mail recovery (4 500 per month, the equivalent of 10 000 pages) and one activity with Trustees of co-Ownership, which requires grouping the shipments of raises.

Print letters, mailing, postage, re-post it : many of the tedious tasks, sources of errors and delays that took teams of BatiSanté nearly 40 days per year (2 days per month for the management of reminders and 16 days per year for billing).

Our need was above all to gain productivity and to reduce to a minimum the manual tasks without added value for our teams. So we naturally turned to the outsourcing of the mail which offered us the reliability, speed of implementation and ease of use. – Christelle Brown, Administrative and Financial Director of BatiSanté

40 days per year earned through outsourcing

The outsourcing solution the mail, Esker has been put in place progressive manner, first of all for the letters of raises and then for billing, which can now be sent in a single click. Invoices are automatically retrieved by the solution, Esker responsible for printing, grouping by Trustee, put in envelopes, postage and return post.

Among the many benefits, BatiSanté has observed :
– A saving of time of 40 days and significant gains in productivity through the removal of manual tasks to the teams BatiSanté who can focus on tasks with higher added value such as the relationship with the customers.
– Reducing costs through the reduction of printing equipment, storage, labor costs, and postage charges.
– Improved terms of payment with the shipment faster invoices and dunning letters. Beyond the time saved, what is important is that customers receive their invoices more quickly. Finally, everyone wins ! And the results are immediate : as soon as mid-January, the volume of regulations had already increased compared to the previous year. – Christelle Brown

About BatiSanté
Founded in 1987, the group BatiSanté has quickly established itself as a leader in services to property managers in the Ile-de-France in the fields of diagnosis, control, hygiene and fire safety of buildings. Based in Neuilly-Plaisance, the group employs 542 workers and has generated more than 50.5 million euros in sales in 2016.

About Esker
Esker is a leading provider of global solutions for dematerialization of documents Cloud. Because the use of paper, which penalizes too companies, Esker allows them to dematerialize their management processes in order to improve the efficiency and visibility, and to reduce the cost (purchase orders, supplier invoices, sales orders, customer invoices, customer complaints, recovery).

With a turnover of 66.0 million euros in 2016, of which 77% from its Cloud solutions, the Esker is positioned as the 17th French software editor (classement Truffle 100 France 2017) and the 3rd in the Rhône-Alpes region (Top 250 EY software publishers, Rhône-Alpes 2015). Present in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, Esker achieves 61% of its sales to the international, of which 42% in the United States.

Esker is listed on Alternext in Paris (ISIN Code FR0000035818) and has the label of an innovative company awarded by bpifrance (N° 3684151/1).

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