Test period : four months of mutual assessment

“It is always a little stressful starting a new job because there is a lot of information to integrate. For me, the start was very fast. I went immediately on a mission with the project leader that I barely knew, ” recalls Eugenie, an engineer in the digital, which has just signed its first contract of indefinite duration (CDI) in a company in the automotive sector.

Before reaching the holy Grail of CDI, the young graduates must successfully pass a trial period. It is not mandatory, but it is delicate and decisive. Usually four months for executives, it may be renewed once. During this phase of the mutual assessment, often get mixed up pressure, curiosity, and observation.

Young graduates find the differences there may be between the very good image of the company given during the recruitment interviews and the reality. “We must not be naive and do not hesitate to inquire upstream on sites like Glassdoor. This allows you to know the reasons for dissatisfaction recurring and see if they seem to us to be surmountable or not, ” says Eugenie.

Integration course

During this period, the young graduates appreciate having a path of integration a minimum formalized. Eugenie has attended several training courses, mandatory for all new entrants, on the safety, production, etc “It was very good, even if the program was a little heavy,” she notes. In addition, his manager was there to answer his technical questions, ” as a guardian “. It has also benefited from regular monitoring by human resources officials. And “at the end of my trial period, I had the opportunity to say what I thought of the team, the organization, and what I would like to see change,” says Eugenie.

On the other hand Martin, computer engineer, has had two…

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