Tesla plunges after the latest escapades of Elon Musk

Drinking whisky and smoking cannabis during an interview off the wall, Elon Musk, the charismatic CEO of Tesla, has provoked the stupor, Friday, September 7, reinforcing doubts about his ability to lead the manufacturer of electric vehicles at a crucial moment in its history.

At the same time, the exodus of executives continues within the company, with the departure this week of the chief accountant, only a month after his arrival, and the director of human resources. Has Wall Street, the title has lost 6,30 %, 263,24 dollars, its lowest level in five months.

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“Elon Musk multiplies the faux pas without being able to convince them that Tesla has finally become an industrial ”

Question on the discernment

In the night from Thursday to Friday, the billionaire 47-year-old has spoken for nearly two hours with the presenter Joe Rogan during a broadcast followed by approximately 90 000 people on the Internet. “I don’t think you’d want to be in my place, you would not like so much “, he launched. “This interview raises additional questions about the discernment of Elon Musk,” says the financial information website TheStreet.com.

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