Tesla has laid off approximately 400 employees in a week

The electric car-maker Tesla has licensed approximately 400 people during the past week, said a former employee of the group by confirming a news report.

The group of Palo Alto (California) said in a press release that the annual evaluation of its employees had given rise to “departure”, without specifying the number, but also in promotions.

“They are about 400 to be concerned, including team leaders and supervisors. We do not know the exact figure,” said the former employee, who was working on an assembly line and asked to remain anonymous.

He was noted to have been fired although never having been the subject of a negative evaluation. The information was revealed Friday by local newspaper Mercury News.

Production of the Model 3

Tesla, which employs over 33,000 people, had reported in early October of “bottlenecks” in the production of its new Model 3, its first model aimed at the general public with a starting price of 35,000 dollars (29.600 euros), i.e. less than half of what the Model S.

The production of the new model began in July, but only 260 copies have come out of the factory in the third quarter.

(With Reuters)

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