Terminated the investigation into the “ethical hacker” case

The Standby Police National Bureau of Investigation, the procedure eliminated the “ethical hacker” case, because the BKV ticket-selling system involving a – plot is not a danger to society – has informed the national Police headquarters communication service MTI on Wednesday.

The competent Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Prosecutor-general’s office on Tuesday, he told MTI, that the investigation is still going on, but I don’t suspect in the case, the “ethical hacker” became known in kisvárda young man.

The attorney general also concluded that the act – i.e., that the suspect is the victim’s ticketing system, unauthorized data change – not a danger to society, and thus does not constitute a crime – are communicated earlier told MTI Szilágyi László, the county prosecutor-general’s office spokesman.

T-Systems Hungary the it system for undue influence because of filed a report of unknown offender after a young man found a loophole in the Budapest Transport Company (BKV), T-Systems developed by Online ticketing system and 50 forints bought a monthly pass.

The latter was never used and the system error called BKV’s attention. Indictment against a number of organizations objected, and the capital in a demonstration also was held at the BKV central building in front of the “ethical hacker” report and indictment.

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