Ten-year low in the unemployment rate in the United States

Increased the number of employees and ten-year lows fell to the unemployment rate in the United States in April. The washington labor department on Friday published a statement according to in April, a slight increase (of 4.6 percent) on the likelihood of expectations, compared to 4.4 percent, the unemployment rate in the United States the previous month to 4.5 percent. This is the lowest value, as of may 2007.

This year, 0.6 percentage point reduction in the unemployment and 854 thousand, with a decrease in the number of unemployed in the United States. The number of unemployed in the previous month 146 thousand less 7,1 million in April, the active population, however, the employment rate of the previous month’s 63 percent to slightly decreasing 62,9 percent level.

In the private sector the non-agricultural sector number of persons employed in 211 thousand increase in April, which is much more the ex 79 thousand downward adjustment previous month’s growth, and significantly surpasses the 185 thousands of market expectations.

The 4,4 percent unemployment rate, the central bank in the role of Fed’s de facto full employment as and one of the most important monetary policy decision-making as a factor in treatment.

(Graphs source: forexfactory.com)

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