Telework is it released to everyone ?

“When, ten years ago, I asked to telecommute at least one day a week, arguing that it would make me save 20 % fatigue, time of transport, pollution, risk of road accident, my boss told me all net : all of that is to do the cleaning at the place of the job ! “Elizabeth, informaticienne in a public institution scientifique et technique (EPST), Sophia Antipolis, teleworking since the end of 2015, know that by making telework a right of the employee, the orders Macron make the generalisation of this device, that is growing but remains marginal in the business, despite its introduction in the labour Code since 2012.

Since the orders of September 22, 2017, an employer may not deny telework to an employee that, in justifying its refusal of the specific grounds, related to the nature of the function, the situation of the service, or that of the company.

It therefore becomes easier to make the demand and obtain that it consists in starting with an addendum to the contract of work. Life at work can no longer ignore the privacy. What constitutes a real change, because we come from far away, as the knows so well Elisabeth.

Not colocation

So far, not entitled to telework who wants to. Because in some companies, not all functions lend themselves to not. The Société générale, for example, “if most of the central services (management, human resources, communications, legal services, management information systems) are eligible, business functions, those who handle sensitive data on customers, or market activities must take place on site,” explains Marie Langlade Demoyen, in charge of the social responsibility of the work at the bank.

To be clear, these are mostly the executives who can claim to teleworking, and on tasks rather functional :…

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