Telecom : tensions sino-u.s.

After the steel or aluminum, the trade war us-china has found another theater of expression, telecommunications, and made the first two victims, the smartphone manufacturers ZTE and Huawei.

The first would be, of the admission of its own leaders, and in danger of death after the United States decided on April 16, to deprive it of all component u.s. for seven years. “The ban will not only severely put in danger the survival and the development of ZTE, but it will also cause harm to all the partners of ZTE, including many companies in the u.s. “, has cautioned the company on 20 April. If the industry experts estimate the stock of ZTE sufficient to take one to two months, on the same day of the announcement of the sanctions, the production lines of the group were arrested, reported the economic magazine chinese Caijing. The next day, ZTE has suspended the listing of its share on the stock Exchanges of hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The manufacturer is accused of having lied to the american legal system to the result of previous sanctions. Sentenced to have sold equipment to Iran and North Korea in violation of the u.s. embargo, ZTE had pleaded guilty in march 2017, and agreed to pay $ 1.19 billion (approximately eur 900 million). In contrast, executives that the company was committed to punish were not : some of them have reached their year-end bonuses, others have not been fired as expected.

Several times be singled out

In view of the circumstances, the announcement of the us decision on ZTE has nothing trivial. All that added to this was the decision of Huawei, another chinese giant telecoms, to throw in the towel the United States, to devote itself to the european and asian markets. “Some things cannot change even if one wishes. Sometimes, you need to know to drop to be able to go forward, ” explained…

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