Technology stocks are on a cloud…

The Thursday of the end of October, do not always have a good reputation on the stock Exchange. Thursday, October 24, 1929 marked the onset of the most severe economic crisis of the Twentieth century. On Thursday 26 October 2017 will leave a memory less strong, but more cheerful for the investors. At least to Wall Street where it is already called the ” super Thursday “. Once more, these are the technology stocks that have held up the pad. The results from Amazon, Google and Microsoft, have stunned analysts.

Three of them, their capitalization exceeds 1 700 billion ($1 461 billion euros), which is larger than that of the entire CAC 40 French. And despite their size, they exceed the $ 20 billion of sales per quarter, they continue to show progressions of start-up on the last quarter : +34 % of sales for Amazon, +24 % for Google, +12 % for Microsoft.

Not only is the High-Tech has become a sustainable engine of the american economy, because no other sector does not provide valuations, profits and growth to this level, but its course is still unpredictable. It was ten years ago, the sector technology stock was still dominated by the stars of the Twentieth century : IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Microsoft. Today, only the latter has managed to maintain in the head of the pack. The other three saw their value collapse by 85 %. They have become actors of the second plan in a single decade.

A turn taken by Microsoft

The Internet has become mobile and has spread everywhere, giving birth to the concept of Cloud computing that concentrates the intelligence in a network of huge data centers. The software became a simple service available on the network. It is this shift that has managed to take in extremis Microsoft, escaping a little to the curse that reached his companions of the glorious time of the computer king.


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