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ThingWorx 8 includes new platform features dedicated to industry and manufacturing applications novel based on the roles

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Plano, texas, June 8, 2017 — PTC (NASDAQ : PTC) announces the arrival of the new version of its platform for IoT (Internet of Things) industrial, ThingWorx® 8. This new version extends the functionality and enhances the robustness of the offers of PTC in the area of IoT industry, and supports companies wishing to derive greater value-added in this area. ThingWorx 8 offers the platform features enhanced, role-based applications for the engineering services and manufacturing. In addition, PTC is putting in place an enriched ecosystem of partners, programs of training with more in-depth and offer new services designed for clients and partners in the sector of the IoT industry.

ThingWorx 8 is released today, June 8, 2017.

ThingWorx provides the flexibility and responsiveness that businesses need to rapidly develop and deploy applications of IoT industry, and provide content optimized in terms of augmented reality. This platform includes connectivity features, analytics, application enablement, orchestration and content creation for industrial augmented reality, and this without any coding.

“We strive to do the ThingWorx platform-the most comprehensive and effective for companies, so that they can quickly and easily enhance the value of the IoT industrial,” explains Kathleen Mitford, Executive Vice President, Product and Market Strategy, PTC. “This new version of ThingWorx allows us to extend the functionality at the heart of our platform, through applications based on the roles for the manufacturing department. The combination of our platform for IoT, the market leader, with these new applications has specific objective is the rapid creation of added value for the companies investing in the IoT industry. ”

New features of the platform ThingWorx

ThingWorx 8 offers native capabilities in the field of connectivity, industrial, anomaly detection, and support for more in-depth of the Cloud, for the major suppliers in the sector. These new features were specifically designed to extend the ability of the platform to facilitate and accelerate the development, deployment and extension of applications of IoT industry.

In addition, the tool ThingWorx Studio now supports the creation and publishing native content augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens. This tool provides an environment of creation without code, which allows developers to create, deploy and quickly use the contents of augmented reality. Using ThingWorx Studio with ThingWorx 8, content creators and developers can take advantage of the capabilities of content development, augmented reality, without code Studio to quickly provide content attractive and clear for Microsoft HoloLens.

New ! Applications of industrial manufacturing in ThingWorx

With the success of the application ThingWorx Navigate™, PTC has made the choice to make available to enterprises a new range of manufacturing applications, in order to benefit quickly from greater added value and agility enhanced during their operations. Manufacturing applications ThingWorx are quick to deploy and offer information based on the roles to enable decisions in a proactive and more rapid. Downloadable for free, they enhance the scalability of the applications, without code, to allow for innovations continuously, and can be deployed in a production environment in less than an hour.
These applications are:

ThingWorx Controls Advisor : allows you to monitor and troubleshoot remote connectivity issues for systems.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor : allows you to remotely monitor, in real time, the physical resources, to automatically detect anomalies and
trigger alerts in order to improve the efficiency and quality of processes.

ThingWorx Production Advisor : provides real-time visibility and actionable information on the performance and status of the production chain.

For more information on manufacturing applications ThingWorx : ThingWorx Manuf Apps.

A platform aimed at ensuring the clients ‘ success ThingWorx

PTC encourages the success of businesses that have opted for ThingWorx. In the context of marketing ThingWorx 8, the department Services PTC, or PTC Customer Success offers new benefits, to support the integration and the rapid deployment of ThingWorx. These services are an integral part of the provision of advice, implementation, adoption, support and management to the success of PTC’s Customer Success. The goal is to maximize the added value of ThingWorx.

More information via the following link TW8.

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