Talend unveils a solution to multi-cloud for integration of Big Data

Talend Summer’17 offers a full support of major cloud platforms including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – June 13, 2017 – Talend (NASDAQ : TLND), a world leader in integration solutions big data and cloud, unveils new version of its platform, Talend Data Fabric is optimized to ensure the management in cloud and multi-cloud environments it professionals. Thanks to the support of the platforms Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudera Altus, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, Talend Summer ’17 enables customers to integrate, cleanse and quickly analyze their data to support their innovation and gains in competitiveness.

The strategies of the companies in terms of cloud computing are constantly evolving. For many of them, it is today imperative to use services from multiple cloud providers in order to offer added value to all of their operational departments. In fact, according to the firm IDC, more than 50 % of all it services have already adopted an approach to multi-cloud, and 20 % would expect to implement such a strategy in the coming 12 months.1

“The adoption of cloud platforms by businesses is growing at a unprecedented pace, and as they do, the organizations are choosing different platforms to meet a variety of needs,” says Ashley Stirrup, chief marketing officer of Talend. “In this environment, CIOS must design their it infrastructure with agility to provide hybrid environments and multi-cloud. With Talend Data Fabric, businesses can deploy pipelines of data on the main cloud platforms in peace, with the assurance that what is developed today will work on the latest cloud innovations and open source. ”

The version in Summer’17 of the Talend Data Fabric allows customers access to a large library in the growth, components, cloud-native speakers. These are accessed using an intuitive interface and simple drag-and-drop to create workflows big data, which can be run in almost any cloud, just about anywhere. The new version of Talend Data Fabric, which has already extended support to AWS, now offers new features for Cloudera Altus, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and the Snowflake, which enable clients to :

Accelerate the implementation of pipeline multi-cloud : Talend Summer‘17 offers a range of new connectors for Azure, Cloudera, and Google Cloud covering the big data, storage of data in the cloud, NoSQL and messaging platforms. In addition, this new version is the first to support Cloudera Altus finance, an offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that simplifies the construction and deployment of pipelines for intelligent data on Cloudera, while minimizing the needs for operational support.
Accelerate the migration to the cloud : Talend Summer’17 helps to migrate the local data to the cloud so that businesses can simply and intuitively create data warehouses (data warehouse), to feed analytical processes more rich, and accelerate the extraction of knowledge. With this version, Talend provides the connector the fastest for the load block to the Snowflake, which accelerates the migration of data up to 20 times faster. Thanks to its ETL tools and data quality, Talend reduces the time required to migrate the data local or in the cloud, to the Snowflake.
Develop once, can be used anywhere : Talend Summer’17 offers the flexibility and portability necessary to conduct development work designed for a cloud-based platform, and reuse them later on other platforms. This gives customers the flexibility to quickly adopt new innovations in cloud services of their choice, while ensuring the sustainability of their developments on existing ones. Therefore, companies have the opportunity to combine and quickly analyze their data in order to accelerate their innovation process, while reducing their costs of maintenance and development.
Ensure the quality of the data using the capabilities of Machine Learning, taking the scale of Big Data : as data stores (data stores) grow, companies must find new ways to clean up and combine their data at a large scale with a minimum of human intervention. Talend Summer’17 is based on algorithms of machine learning in Apache Spark in order to automate and speed up the comparison and cleaning of data, which will improve the processing of large-scale, performance, and accuracy. Over time, these algorithms will supervise the decisions taken by the responsible of the data processing to be more accurate and relevant. These new algorithms and capabilities of machine learning algorithms are designed to work seamlessly with the intuitive application of Data Stewardship of Talend, to allow for continuous improvement of each model of data quality.

Companies around the world and in all sectors of activity, using Talend with the products of our partners, to create solutions that are truly data-driven.

“Talend and Snowflake have forged a solid partnership that continues to benefit our clients in common,” says Walter Aldana, a vice-president in charge of partnerships of the Snowflake. “With the new connector Talend for Snowflake, the businesses will see even more efficiency when they transfer their data into our solution. The architecture of Talend capitalizes on the capabilities of loading in parallel from the Snowflake, which enables our mutual customers easy loading of a diverse set of game play data so that they can start more quickly with their projects of data warehouse in the cloud. ”

Price and availability
Talend Summer’17 will be available June 29, 2017, with updates of all the modules of Talend Data Fabric. The current customers of Talend Integration Cloud will be an automatic update to the new version on 18 July. Customers interested in the purchase of a license Talend Data Fabric or Talend Integration Cloud can receive additional information on our rates and our offers, by contacting a sales representative Talend at the address sales@talend.com.

To learn more about the features and benefits of Talend in Summer‘17, sign up for our webinar, ” Integration of Big Data for all types of Cloud “, on Tuesday, June 27, from 14: 30 to 15: 30, or visit talend.com or our blog. To go further in the use of Talend with Cloudera Altus, you can participate in our webinar, ” Build Your Next Pipeline with Talend + Cloudera Altus “, Thursday, June 22, from 10: 00 to 11: 00 a.m. (pacific time). Talend will also be organized on the 29th of June, a day of demonstration, live on the social networks, ability to multi-cloud and machine learning, as well as on the compliance with the general regulation on data protection (GDPR). For more information, visit the Talend on Facebook, and Twitch. The full programme will be published on the blog of Talend.

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About Talend
Talend (Nasdaq : TLND) is a leading provider of new generation software, Cloud integration and Big Data. The editor helps the companies to do all their data a strategic asset to generate real time qualified information on their customers, partners, and their operations. Its integration platform that is open, scalable, and unified allows them to quickly adopt the latest technological innovations and to adapt to the constant evolution of their needs. Talend is a recognized leader within the Magic Quadrant 2016 Gartner dedicated to data integration tools, as well as in the framework of the report the Forrester Wave: Big Data Fabric Q4 2016. More than 1 500 companies from a variety of sectors have used its solutions in the world, amongst which Air France, GE, and Lenovo. For more information, visit talend.com and follow us on Twitter : @TalendFR.

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