Surprising results : how companies rank their maturity in terms of ITSM?

Noisy-le-Grand, may 16, 2017 – EasyVista comes time to compile the results of an international study on the levels of maturity relating to the management of it services. The results reveal the key elements that distinguish the companies, the more mature the rest of the lot.

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Why is the maturity of the ITSM is it important?
The volume of tasks performed by the service Center continues to increase. And end-users, conditioned by Amazon, Facebook and Netflix, have expectations of service are constantly increasing.
But despite the growing number of tasks sent to the it department, it budgets will remain the same, involving the questioning : how to improve services while reducing costs?
Answer: by realizing in advance the information processes are predictable and repeatable, and then automate them. Otherwise di t: the fine-tuning of the various stages of it services and automating it processes mature.

The bad news : Few companies have received high marks
The majority of companies (75%) were recorded in average between 1.2 and 2.2 on a scale of 0 to 5. The financial services have obtained the highest score, higher education has received the lowest, and the high-tech has shown the greater diversity of maturity. Us companies scored slightly higher only than those of Europe.

The good news : there are simple solutions
The survey presented five areas in which companies can find opportunities and increase their maturity in ITSM and thus reduce the gap between a workload of expansion, and an IT budget is stagnant.

1. Management problems: 43% of the respondents make little or no management problems. By addressing the underlying issues before they lead to repeated incidents, companies can avoid hundreds of tasks that need attention.

2. Knowledge management : 66% of respondents do not make of knowledge management. When companies codify common questions, and makes it available via a knowledge base, self-service, the support professionals can add more value and become a true “Chief Service Officer”

3. Priority : many businesses do not list the services by types of clients and services. The identification of important actors and the essential needs of services enables companies to implement the rigor of the process in these areas. A better time management and SLA is therefore a gain for the company.

4. Reports : 50% of respondents do not have dashboards formal on the services offered. The regular sharing of what the DSI offers in terms of services to employees (and subcontractors or partners) of the firm emphasizes the participation of the DSI to the economic activity of the company : it is an important communication tool.

5. Measure : 85% of respondents do not have a tool to assessments in accordance with the standard ISO 20000, and more than 90% have not been assessed in relation to ISO 15504. However, the evaluation is strongly related to its maturity. Those who have been evaluated according to the ISO 15504 have an average score of 4.7, which suggests that the regular assessment of their ITSM benefits to continuous improvement.

If you want to learn more about the results of this study, please do not hesitate àvous connect to the webinar “State of the art of ITSM 2017” on 23 may at 16h via this link.

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