Strikes of the SNCF : the management of the railway sector under pressure

We could call this a reference elevator. The current government, which has the reputation of being the friend of business – is now claiming the active participation of employers ‘ organisations of the railway sector to advance, and accept a part of the unions, its wide-ranging reform of the train in France.

“The State asks us to resume, as quickly as possible, negotiations with the representative unions of the sector in order to achieve a collective agreement, high-level “, explained the World, Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev and president of the Union of public transport and rail (UTP), to the release of his interview with the prime minister, who received the UTP Monday, may 7, after having met with all the union organizations in the sector.

“Within the branch, the negotiations should start quickly, stated a few moments ago, Elizabeth Terminal, the transport minister, in front of the journalists gathered at the hotel Matignon. We will ask the UTP to invite the trade union organisations to define within two weeks of a timetable of negotiations and chapters in priority to negotiate before January 1, 2020. “

The trading branch has been interrupted

The government would call it to managers in the transport to put an end to this funny strike in dotted line, which disrupts the users of the train since 3 April ? Fifty years ago, in may 1968, the State did not ask the employers to make large concessions to get out France of the paralysis ? The comparison quickly finds its limits but, obviously, the pressure mounts on employers in the sector.

To understand how the UTP is located in the center of this new phase of railway reform, a little perspective is necessary. Since 2014, a national collective agreement is being negotiated between employers and trade unions…

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