Strike at the SNCF : where in the world is the minimum service ?

Closed lines, rail services replaced by buses… The strike on Tuesday 3 April, with a rate of strikers announced of 48 %, is one of the most followed in recent years to the SNCF. And, in some cases, users find themselves without the possibility of taking the slightest train.

However, over the last few years, a “minimum service” is deemed to exist. More specifically, since 2007 and the “act on the continuity of public service in land transport regular passenger” desired by Nicolas Sarkozy, which has been supplemented by a text 2012. Except that, contrary to widespread belief in public opinion, this legislation does not ensure a minimum level of transport supply.

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The right to strike, guaranteed by the constitution, is incompatible with the requisitions of staff off work, the only measure that would, with certainty, a continuity of public service. The French law simply to require the parties to discuss prior to launching a social movement and, especially, to organize a reliable information of the users, the days of strike.

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