Strike at the SNCF : “The French will be the referees “

Chronic. The meteorology social is anything but an exact science. As the climate forecasts, it is reliable to the date of maturity of a few days, but a lot more randomness to the horizon of a few weeks. It was found in the fall of 2017. Forecasters announced a notice to storm on the occasion of the reform of the labour law committed by the government. He had finally wiped a few grains without severity, but none of the storms desired by the left trade union or political.

Six months later, the depression caused by the reform project of the SNCF seems to be a lot more threatening. In effect, each provides that the first two days of the strike initiated by the trade unions of the railway transport, on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 April, will mobilise massively to the employees of the public enterprise, railroaders in the lead. This will be the first gust of wind, the movement being scheduled to last for three months, at the rate of two days off of work every five days.

A determination

So this is a long battle that is committed, each of the protagonists displaying, at this stage, a determination. Among all the reforms that he has put under construction, it is clear that the government has decided to make the one of the SNCF, the cornerstone of its ability to fundamentally transform the country, without fear of facing taboos and bastions of trade union.

Hammered for weeks, her case is known. Very heavily in debt, faced with the need to upgrade its aging infrastructure, offering to its users a service degraded for a price of transport is too high, with a disability by the social status of another age of its employees, the SNCF would not survive the opening up to competition of rail transport, scheduled in less than two years.

In his eyes, a reform is therefore needed urgently, to enable him to meet this challenge. It happens…

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