Stock : tough week for Tesla

After the american car maker, the most valued of nearly $ 59.4 billion, Tesla is set back behind General Motors. With $ 52.6 billion, GM regained the number one position it had lost for nearly 3 months for the benefit of Tesla is now valued at 50.7 billion. The specialist cars top-of-the-line 100% power was reached to move ahead of GM with forecasts particularly good, who have been challenged these last few days.

With a drop of the title to Tesla of nearly 6% on the day Thursday, the company was experiencing for the third time in a row, closing down. This last, represented by the price of the action which was to descend to reach 307,94 dollars is primarily due to the decline in investor confidence. Since Monday and despite the announcement for the Model 3, the share has lost almost 17% of its value away still a little more than a record reached on 23 June with almost $ 63 billion of capitalization.

Doubt of investors

The observers questioned on the ability of Tesla to provide in time and on a regular basis its vehicles and in particular the Model 3 after several problems with the supply batteries. On top of these constraints, add the announcement from Volvo, which has promised that these models would be fully electric or hybrid-as early as 2019, coming to encroach a little more on the market of Tesla.

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Finally, there are many who consider that the demand for the Model S and X, the only vehicles currently marketed by the brand, patina. This observation has been confirmed on Monday by the group, since Tesla announced that it had sold over 22,000 cars in the second quarter, against forecasts of 23.700. The bank Goldman Sachs has predicted a market dislocations of the title on the grounds that the action would increase from 308 dollars currently to $ 180 in six months.

Safety Test with no mention

According to a report released Thursday by the IISH, the american institute of insurance for highway safety, the Model S Tesla has not passed the tests as well as expected, which has had the effect to cool a little more the markets. During a crash test conducted by the institute, the vehicle has not got the highest grade on the reaction in the event of a frontal collision the right front side. This report indicates that during a collision, the safety belt remains leste too long and the driver’s risk of hitting the steering wheel (too) violently despite the triggering of the airbag.

This is not the first time that the institute notes that the Model S is not optimal in this area because during the tests performed on the version of 2016, the same problem had been detected. It appears that the manufacturer did not change its model because the Model S tested for this study was produced from January 2017.

The brand defends

If Tesla is unable to get the better score in satisfying fully the safety tests of the institute, this finding was qualified by a spokesman for the company. The latter explains to the AFP that the tests conducted by the federal office of road safety showed that “the risk of injury associated with the Model S and Model X are the lowest of all the cars tested”. This difference in results is explained by the fact that the tests carried out by the two agencies do not assess necessarily the same elements.

Tesla is, therefore, focusing a lot on its new Model 3, which should be delivered at the end of the month to those who had ordered. With 400,000 orders in a year, according to figures from Tesla, the mark must, however, face time constraints of delivery, which have often posed problems in the past.

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