Stillfront Group AB, Stillfront: Very strong growth in spelarvolym – mobile users are now the largest segment


July 5, 2017

Stillfront: Very strong growth in spelarvolym – mobile users are now the largest segment

Stillfront Group AB (“Stillfront”) are working systematically to enhance the game portfolio to optimize performance and return/risk. Among other things, follow the Stillfront ongoing development of the number of unique players of the online games on a monthly (MAU – Monthly Active User), and daily (DAU – Daily Active User) basis.

During the second quarter of 2017 amounted to the average number of MAU to 784 183 and the corresponding figure for the DAU was 139 558. The corresponding figures for the first quarter of 2017 310 348 MAU and 77 398 DAU. The second quarter of 2017 showed an increase of 153% for the number of MAU and 80% for the number of DAU compared to the first quarter of 2017.

During the second quarter of 2016, the average number of MAU 224 446 and the average number of DAU 69 494. During the second quarter of 2017 increased thus MAU with 249%, and the DAU increased by 101% compared with the second quarter of 2016. Of the above total volume, the following will be from the recently acquired eRepublik Labs games: MAU: 477 155 and DAU: 62 736. eRepublik Labs is consolidated in the Stillfronts accounts from may.

The above figures refer to the intäktsmässigt eleven biggest games, i.e. Call of War, Supremacy 1914, the Conflict of Nations, ManagerZone, DragonRealms, GemStone IV, Tank Storm, the Admiral, Age of Lords, World at War and

Jörgen Larsson, CEO of Stillfront Group, comments on the

“I may again note that our games have a strong pull on players. It is particularly gratifying that our segment of mobile users is now the biggest. Furthermore, it is important that loyalty continued to show strength. In particular, the paying players exhibit a faithful gameplay, and a good willingness to pay. I see this as a confirmation that our games offer the players good entertainment for a long time, which is exactly in line with the Stillfronts strategy,” says Jörgen Larsson, CEO of Stillfront Group.


Jörgen Larsson, CEO

Tel: 070-321 1800

Sten Wranne, CFO

Phone: +46 705 851258



Stillfront is a group of independent developers, publisher and distributor of digital games – with the vision to become one of the leading group of indie game developers and publishers. Stillfront is active through seven almost independent subsidiaries: Bytro Labs in Germany, Coldwood Interactive in Sweden, Power Challenge in Sweden and the united kingdom, Dorado Online Games in Malta, Simutronics in the united states, basra province Games in the UAE and Jordan as well as eRepublik Labs in Ireland and in Romania. The group’s games are distributed globally, and has its main markets in Sweden, Germany, the USA and MENA. For more information, visit the Stillfronts website


Stillfronts portfolio includes games for a variety of platforms. Unravel, developed by Coldwood, in collaboration with Electronic Arts, were awarded at E3 and gamescom over 20 awards and was launched in February 2016. Supremacy 1914, the Call of War is krigsstrategispel developed by Bytro Labs. ManagerZone is a sportsmanagementspel which was launched in 2001. DragonRealms and GemStone IV are the so-called MUD-game with a very loyal player base. Lara Croft Relic Run(TM) is a popular mobile game developed by Simutronics. Tank Storm and the Admiral are mobilstrategispel with very strong spelarbaser, which is in the region of basra province Games. World at War is a successful mobile strategy game from eRepublik Labs.

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This information is such that Stillfront Group AB (publ) is obliged to publish in accordance with the EU regulation on market abuse. The information submitted through the above contact person in the government for publication on 5 July 2017 08.45 CEST.

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