Spotify is introduced in Exchange for its fans

Chronic. It is red as an autumn landscape in the north of England, in Yorkshire, was born. He plays acoustic guitar, folk, in the tradition of backpackers ‘ american of the 1970s, with that touch of pop that only know how to handle the studios in london. Came another age, far away from the flavors of electro and rap, Ed Sheeran is one of the singers most popular in the world. In 2017, nearly 50 million fans tuned in each month on Spotify. A world record. These two look the same. They landed in the north of Europe, and their success is also unlikely that global.

The platform of Swedish music Spotify, the only european company in the digital to compete with Apple and Google, has decided to exhibit his success on the big day. Starting in April, the fans of Ed Sheeran will be able to purchase a small piece of the company, of Stockholm, will be rated on Wall Street. An intro for the fans.

In the documents stock transmitted to the authorities, the company formalizes what is whispered. It confirms both its public success, the fragility of its economic model and the originality of the manner of its entry into the stock Exchange. High of 159 million active users, the company alone holds more than 40 % of the world market of listening to music on Internet streaming, the streaming. With 71 million paying subscribers, its platform boasts two times more than its main competitor, Apple.

No increase of capital

But its financial model is difficult. If its turnover has increased by 40 % in 2017 to exceed $ 4 billion (3.3 billion euros), its losses have widened to 1.24 billion, over two times more than in the previous year. But they are the result of one-half the conversion of some debt into equity and, especially, the firm has a secret weapon which makes it very attractive. In spite of this deficit, the cash of the company is positive because…

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