Sport, engine of self-confidence among adolescents according to the study Allianz Restart

73% of young people see adolescence as a difficult period.

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 31 % have ever dreamed about being a professional sportsmen, but 72% will abandon their dream along the way.
 Among young people who have dropped out of the football, 64% would be willing to try again.

According to the results of the study Allianz Restart(1), carried out by the Institute GMV Conseil, on the practice of sport and particularly of football among young French people aged 14 to 24 years of age, adolescence is seen as a period of complex and difficult by 73% of the young people. And nearly one in two (44%) lack of self-confidence at the time of adolescence.

The sport, a privileged moment for 79% of young people

For adolescents, sport and recreation are sources of well-being are undisputed. The sport is the activity preferred by the teenagers : 79 percent of whom practice a sporting activity outside of school. Most do it for their pleasure (66%) and for their well-being (60%).

Football, the first sport practiced by young people aged 14 to 24 years old

According to the study Allianz Restart(1), 24% of youth have engaged in or have already practiced the game of football. For many young people, football is more than a passion, it is a professional project : 35% of young people who practice or have practiced the football planning to do a professional project.

If nearly one in three young people dream of a career in the sport, many of them are forced to abandon their dream in the course of road, by lack of motivation (28%), fear of failure (20%), or due to an injury or a health problem (27%).

“With this in mind, we wanted to continue our involvement with the young hope of football through our programme Allianz Restart initiated in 2015. Because of some unexpected situations can change life projects, we want to accompany these young people in the important moments of their lives and do the unexpected opportunity to move forward. With Allianz Restart, we want to help these young people to regain the confidence in them by giving them a new chance to succeed and realize their dream ” said Delphine Asseraf, Director of Digital, Brand & Communication at Allianz France.

Allianz France has been committed to young footballers through the program Allianz Restart

Launched in 2015 and will be renewed in 2016, Allianz Restart selects and supports young people’s hopes of football who have had to abandon their dream of becoming a professional footballer and have in common the will to start over and daring to dare to dream again.

Since its launch, this unique experience allows young adolescents to regain confidence in themselves and reconnect with their ambition. Some have had, after this experience Restart, the chance to integrate a training center.

(1) The Study Allianz Restart has been carried out from 24 march to 03 April 2017 by the institute GMV Council with a representative sample of 408 young French people aged 14 to 24 years old

In 2017, sixteen young footballers, aged from 14 to 16 years of age, will be selected to participate in the third season of the program. They will benefit from a personalised accompaniment, worthy of top-level athletes. A team of expert fitness coaches, psychologists, and guidance counselors – will follow these players to help them to overcome their obstacles and to restore their trust in them.

The 14 and 15 June, they will participate in the program organized in Nice in the Allianz Riviera. Three players will be selected and will be offered the chance to go participate in an internship immersive at Bayern Munich from 17 to 22 August 2017 and meet professional players.

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