SPIE completes the renovation of the offices of BT in the building of Lancaster House, Liverpool

A collaboration that reinforces a long-standing relationship with BT and enrich a portfolio of contracts already provided

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London, June 7, 2017 – SPIE UK has just completed the renovation works of the offices of BT located on the 6th floor of the historical building of Lancaster House, Liverpool. SPIE UK has been a leading provider on this market, including the work of second work, the installation of mechanical and electrical systems and the implementation of a fire alarm. The renovation has transformed the floor in order to accommodate 76 workstations, meeting rooms and training, as well as a rest area for the staff.

Focused on eight weeks, with the intervention of various artisans, this contract for the renovation at the site occupied comes to reinforce long-standing relationships with the uk telecom operator BT and enrich a portfolio of common markets already well supplied. SPIE UK was made necessary renovations to BT in 2015.

The location of the building in a privileged area of the city centre has led to many operational challenges during the work. For issues of safety and noise, the inputs and outputs on the construction site had to be carefully planned and coordinated. In addition, meetings were held regularly with the building management team and the executive staff concerned to ensure that the work not disrupt any of the activities of day-to-day occupants.

To complete some of the tasks required, the teams of SPIE have had to work in staggered hours. This was particularly the case, in order to connect the power supply cables between the basement and the new distribution system on the 6th floor, causing the interruption of essential services and the closure of some roads. Innovative ideas, excellent communication and a real-time reporting has helped ensure the smooth running of operations and to complete the project in time.

Gary Wingrove, director of real Estate and Construction within the real Estate division and Facilities Services for BT, said : “SPIE has risen to the challenge brilliantly and has allowed the division of facilities services BT to achieve all the objectives of the contract. ”

“We are very pleased to have been selected by BT for this new prestigious contract in the historical building of Lancaster House,” says Steve Gibbs, director of the division of Facilities Services, SPIE UK. “We understand the importance of these operations for the improvement and development of this office space on the 6th floor. We are proud of the quality of the work done and we are delighted we have been able to keep to deadlines forced. We look forward to working with BT on new markets of renovation in this building and elsewhere. ”


SPIE UK, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, independent european leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, provides solutions focused on energy, security and the environment, including in multi-technical services (design, installation, testing, commissioning, long term maintenance and facilities management). The company employs more than 3,000 people in its regional offices in the United Kingdom.

With nearly 600 sites in 38 countries and 38 000 employees, SPIE is realized, in 2016, a consolidated turnover of 5.1 billion euros and an EBITA statement for 352 million euros.

On his segment “North-Western Europe,” 9, 900 people from 90 sites, the SPIE group has completed in 2016 a turnover of 1.37 billion euros.

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