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On Thursday 22 June 2017, Eric Lejoindre, Mayor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris surrounded by his 2 assistant to the Mayor, Evelyne Dams, in charge of Sports and Tourism, and Michel Neyreneuf, in charge of Urban planning, architecture, and great urban renewal projects, Franck Ailloud, President of Spie batignolles immobilier, Jean Lavergne, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the European Society of Hospitality (SEH United Hoteliers) and Marianne Louradour, Regional director, Ile-de-France Caisse des Depots gathered to mark a new step in the construction of complex hotel Qualys-Hotel of a higher category on the avenue de la Porte de Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

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This new meeting in the presence of all the actors of this operation has been organised to celebrate the installation of the first slate, a natural material chosen for the realization of the facade of the whole building of great height.

A symbol of the revival of the neighborhood of the Porte de Montmartre in Paris

In 2009, the City of Paris started a vast program of redevelopment of the district Binet Montmartre, which is part of the Great Project of Urban Renewal (GPRU).
With work initiated for 6 years, this large-scale construction site continues today on its skin, including the construction of the new hotel complex Qualys-Hotel, located at the edge of the boulevard périphérique to the Porte de Montmartre.

This is born out of a partnership between Spie batignolles immobilier, a subsidiary of real estate development from the construction group Spie batignolles, the European Society of Hospitality (SEH), the group’s first multi-brand of independent hoteliers in France and in Europe, and the Caisse des Dépôts.

This partnership has been formalized through the signing of a contract of real estate promotion for the realization of a joint program within a high-rise building, comprising :
– Sub-soil : parking lot 32 spaces,

– Ground floor : a restaurant of 320 m2,

– The R+1 to R+5 : a hotel of the brand Qualys-Hotel with a total area of 7 150 m2 and an accommodation capacity of 185 rooms,

– In R+6 : offices hosting the headquarters of SEH United Hoteliers about 800 m2,

– R+7 : the meeting rooms of 500 m2, which will be available for hire,

On the top floor, in R+8 : the breakfast room and the bar of the hotel with a breathtaking view of Paris at 360°.

The design of this project has been carried out by the architect, ECDM and the project was awarded to Spie batignolles SCGPM, a subsidiary of Spie batignolles, which specializes in the construction in the Ile-de-France. And the Agency of MOHA for the interior decoration of the establishment.

Its architectural design and its geographical location, at the entrance of Paris and at the junction of Saint-Ouen, participate to register this new building as a symbol of the renewal of the district Binet Montmartre. All assets which will enable this building to become the flagship of the group SEH United Hoteliers : the first hotel financed, in particular through the participation of hoteliers in the network of the cooperative and future location of its headquarters.

Caisse des Dépôts has chosen to support in financing and investments, this structuring project located in a priority neighbourhood and in the Arc of Innovation.

A unique facade slate

The district Binet Montmartre enjoys a true architectural identity, shaped by unprecedented experimentation aesthetic urban.

It is precisely in this line that the bias in architectural imagined by the agency ECDM is built. It is characterized by the elevation of walls of concrete with different eaves, drawing a gradual movement of both sides of the avenue. This impression of animation of the building is also created by the openings on the facade that become larger and larger as it rises towards the floors and the sky.

The architect also wished to cover the whole façade with slate gray bring a touch of natural mineral at the project.

It is the 1st construction of a building tertiary of this height (8 storeys) completed in facade slate in France. This tech in particular has obtained a validation of the CSTB. This raw material presents considerable strengths in terms of sustainability over time, and ease of maintenance.

Teams from Spie batignolles SCGPM have started the work of this real estate program mixed in mid-2016.

Its construction meets the requirements of the HQE certification®, and the European Ecolabel.

The ceremony of the first slate marks the official start-up of the facade work.

The delivery of this building will be effective from current year to 2018.

About Spie batignolles immobilier


A promoter who is responsible and committed “partner for your ambitions”
Partner companies, investors, local communities, Spie batignolles real estate gives life to all the real estate projects. Because his vocation is to create with its customers the value, Spie batignolles immobilier offers of partnerships in close collaboration. Because customer satisfaction is his main concern, Spie batignolles immobilier adapted and enriched on a continuous basis its proposals. With all the synergies of the group Spie batignolles Spie batignolles immobilier puts its expertise at the service of the ambitions of its clients.

About the European Society of Hospitality (SEH United Hoteliers)
First hospitality group co-operative multi-brand in Europe, based in Paris, the European Society of Hospitality totals 543 hotels and 20 724 rooms located in 10 european countries and Canada. Strong know-how capitalizing on 50 years of experience, SEH welcomes nearly 4 million guests each year. The group holds a portfolio of 4 brands are highly complementary : Relais du Silence (mansions of characters, 3 to 5 stars), QUALYS-HOTEL (high end hotels with a strong personality 3-or 4-stars), INTER-HOTEL (hotels 2 to 3 stars), P’TIT DEJ-HOTEL, budget hotels (1 or 2 stars). The philosophy of SEH is based on the cooperative system : a network belonging to its members, all independent contractors, where the state of mind is based on solidarity, transparency and trust. www.seh-hotels.com

About the Caisse des Dépôts group

The Caisse des Dépôts and its subsidiaries constitute a public group and long-term investor at the service of the general interest and the economic development of the territories. Its mission was reaffirmed by the law on modernising the economy of 4 August 2008.
Recognized for his expertise in the management of mandates, the Group focuses its action on four transitions strategic for the long-term development of France : the transitions territorial, environmental and energy, digital and demographic and social.

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