SpaceX announces first “private customer” for a trip around the Moon

The company’s u.s. space SpaceX has announced, Thursday, the 13th of September, having signed with a first client for a trip around the Moon aboard its next big rocket called BFR for Big Falcon Rocket, which, however, should not steal, many years before, the launcher is still under development.

No manned mission is returned in the lunar orbit since Apollo 17, NASA, in December 1972. “SpaceX has signed with the first private customer of the world and travel around the Moon aboard the launch vehicle, BFR – an important step for those who dream of going into space,” tweeted the company, specifying the identity of the passenger would be unveiled on Monday.

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Beginning in 2017, SpaceX announced that two passengers would be sent to the Moon as early as 2018 aboard its rocket, the Falcon Heavy, a trip that was, ultimately, never took place.

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