Soros takes issue with Trump, to the giants of the internet, the bitcoin

The billionaire George Soros, in Brussels, at the headquarters of the european Union, on April 27, 2017 (Photo by OLIVIER HOSLET. POOL)

The government Trump the giants of the internet, the bitcoin : the billionaire speculator George Soros has launched attacks on all fronts on Thursday on the occasion of its annual dinner at Davos.

As already last year, the billionaire 87-year-old has étrillé the administration Trump, “a danger to the world”, during this appointment became a fixture of the world economic Forum.

It is also taken to the Russia of Vladimir Putin, a “State mafia”, in the reception room of a grand hotel ski resort switzerland.

In front of an audience very busy to relay his comments on the social networks, George Soros has also long étrillé the giants of the internet, citing “Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGLE)”.

He has been described as “monopolies are always more potent,” who might be tempted to bind to “authoritarian regimes” in order to create “a network of totalitarian like Aldous Huxley or George Orwell themselves would not have been able to imagine”, in their novels “brave new world” and “1984”.

“Davos is a good place to advertise that their days are numbered”, he said, while the internet giants have of course sent an armada of representatives.

The financial, which is converted into a philanthropist and great critic of capitalism laissez-faire president, wants to believe that the internet giants will have to conform to regulations more stringent, notably under the impetus of the european commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager.

George Soros has described in his speech, read in a voice sometimes chevrotante, as the “Nemesis” of the giants of the internet, the goddess of revenge.

Known for a raid in 1992 against the british pound, the speculator also has been interviewed on the bitcoin.

“This is not a currency”, he said about this virtual currency so volatile, considering that his frequent outbursts of increase were a bubble, typical”.

George Soros believes that it will not, however, to a “brutal fall” of bitcoin, rather a gradual decline, because of the attractiveness to him of the asset anonymous but traceable almost perfect for authoritarian regimes.

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