SONOSCANNER : When the scanner Orcheo Lite YOU exported in the space with Thomas Pesquet

Effectiveness confirmed on earth as it is in the space of an ultrasound system portable remote-controlled

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Ivry-Sur-Seine, June 7, 2017 – SONOSCANNER, a French company specialized in ultrasound scanners, portable and mobile, and versatile, today announced the first impacts of the use of his scanner Orcheo Lite TE by Thomas Pesquet on the International Space Station (ISS).

SONOSCANNER : technical innovation makes its first flight
In collaboration with the CNES (Centre National d’etudes Spatiales), SONOSCANNER, pioneered tricolor imaging ultrasound, has put on the bench to test his scanner compact remote-controlled Orcheo Lite TE in a context could not be more particular. Selected among many SMES in france, SONOSCANNER has signed, in 2015, a contract with the French Space Agency, enabling him to be admitted on board the International Space Station. This ” certification “, a real guarantee of performance and reliability, has enabled the company to embark, on the 17th of November last, one of his last innovations, the Orcheo Lite TE, on the occasion of the mission “Proxima” led by Thomas Pesquet. During the last 6 months, the astronaut has been in charge to perform a first part of tests on the device SONOSCANNER, particularly, in order to confirm the effectiveness of the Orcheo Lite TE in the observation and monitoring of biological change in the astronaut.

The Orcheo Lite TE : scanner unique in the world for remote diagnostics
With the Orcheo Lite TE designed in collaboration with Pr. Arbeille, professor of biophysics and nuclear medicine, university hospital of Tours, SONOSCANNER is a party in the space with Thomas Pesquet.
Reduced in size, the Orcheo Lite YOU brings together the innovative technologies SONOSCANNER in a format that is very compact without loss of performance. This parameter is extremely important in the framework of a space mission, where every gram counts, is has been decisive in the choice of the scanner.
Specially developed on the occasion of the program “Echo” of the mission, the scanner Orcheo Lite YOU this a probe volume integral in the two plans that can be handled remotely. From space Thomas Pesquet has followed the indications of the Pr. Arbeille, based at the CNES of Toulouse, to position the probe of the scanner board. On land, the expert in ultrasound adjusted the position of the probe in two dimensions via a command robot. The arteries, veins, muscles, the heart, the thyroid, the gall bladder of the astronaut appear on the screen of the scanner, and simultaneously on earth, in their minutest details. The quality of the image, part of the elements to support the development of a reliable diagnosis, which is then preserved in spite of a distance consistent between patient and practitioner.
Six months already gone by the Orcheo Lite TE on the International Space Station have also highlighted the robustness and reliability of the device. Subject to the terms and conditions say ” extreme “, especially in terms of severity, the Orcheo Lite TE could be used safely. During the live operation of the ultrasound on the 18th of April last, professor Arbeille has had the opportunity to test all of the features of the device without difficulty. At this point, only a time limit of three seconds is to manage between the orders provided and the actions, delay related to the distance separating the astronaut and the Pr. Arbeille. In the framework of a use on earth, the flow of the image is instantaneous, regardless of the distance separating the patient from the practitioner.
In conclusion, the Orcheo Lite TE has overcome the various constraints in a complex environment while ensuring that all of its features. This technological feat has been made possible thanks to the expertise of SONOSCANNER.

The Orcheo Lite TE : a future (almost) path
The Orcheo Lite TE of SONOSCANNER has not finished with the ultrasound spatial : in addition to the program ” Echo “, it must participate in the program, franco-canadian”, Vascular Echo ” which aims to investigate the morphologic and functional changes of astronauts during their stay in space. In fact, the Pr. Arbeille has been observed that astronauts subjected to microgravity exhibited a premature aging it is important to study. This program, with an initial term of five years will allow for the analysis of the device’s capabilities over the long term.
For use on earth, the experiment was able to demonstrate the ability of the device to offer a quality image at a distance, to limit travel, while facilitating a qualitative diagnosis. Therefore, and beyond the use in the context of space missions, The Orcheo Lite YOU could perfectly respond to the challenge of medical deserts in the deploying closer to the patients, while centralizing medical expertise.
“We are proud to have been able to accompany Thomas Pesquet in the space. This mission has allowed us to go even further in the innovation of our ultrasound scanners, while highlighting their potential. The Orcheo Lite TE has fully achieved its objectives and we are confident about the projects that will be pursued over the next five years. In the long term, we want to bring a real solution to a problem, this time much more terrestrial : the medical deserts.”, comments on Etienne Richard, Director of Operations at SONOSCANNER.

Founded in 2003 and based in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), SONOSCANNER is a family company, French specialist in the development and manufacture of ultrasound scanners. The company benefits from several decades of research on ultrasound imaging, as well as the experience of its founders, allowing the company to offer to practitioners around the world, ultrasound scanners versatile, reliable and more efficient than ever. SONOSCANNER has the main concern to enable the health staff and medical specialists to establish early diagnosis and reliable, allowing better care for the patient. Personalization and accessibility are, for SONOSCANNER, of the essential elements. In order to be able to offer to the practitioners unsurpassed quality products, scanners SONOSCANNER are developed from the most modern technologies. Among them, the U-lite, only one scanner all-in-one ultra-portable High-Definition available on the market that offers a multitude of probes and electronics for multiple applications.

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