Some recommendations to address the risks of radicalization in business

“For the past few years, the radicalization in the workplace for companies of all sectors of activity, see Olivier Hassid, director at PwC, in charge of the board’s activities in safety and security companies. Very often, they feel helpless and do not have adequate tools to manage this problem. The denial or inappropriate reactions are also common. This is why it is important to know to detect weak signals at the earliest to avert the danger. “

This is the reason for which the firm PwC France, in partnership with the Center for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence (CPRMV), an independent agency of canada has decided to publish a guide, Prevent, and cope with the risks of radicalisation in the company, which was presented in Paris on march 20, in front of 70 business professionals. “The idea was to meet and talk to one of the directors of security and safety, human resource directors and legal directors. These three entities are directly concerned by the issue of radicalization, and yet they are too often siloed, ” says Olivier Hassid.

Detect radicalization

The objective of PwC is to provide companies with the tools to detect radicalization and then to think about the different levers at their disposal, including procedures with HR and legal to implement. Because the prevention and management of risks linked to the radicalization in the business are his responsibility : “the employer” shall take ” the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of workers “. It must also ” ensure the adaptation of these measures to take account of changing circumstances and aim to improve existing situations “, said the labour code.


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