Some payments may stop after that Trump is acting against Obamacare.

The united states government will immediately cease with the payment of some legally contentious subsidies linked to former president Barack Obama’s health care reform.

This was announced by the White house late on Thursday evening, u.s. time, according to Bloomberg News.

Without these subsidies, insurers indicated that they will need to raise some sjukförsäkringspremier dramatically or having to leave certain markets.

The white house argues , however, that the payments are illegal.

”The rescue of the insurance company by these illegal payments is yet another example of how the previous government was abusing taxpayers ‘ money and circumventing the law in order to support a non-functioning system,” said president Donald Trumps government.

The democrats criticise the government’s decision, while the house of representatives republican president Paul Ryan on the other hand, the government’s actions.

The disputed payments are estimated to total approximately 7 billion dollars in the year.

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