Social Protection : the French expatriates are less and less covered

From to return, but under what conditions ? The French who choose expatriation are more numerous than ever, they go further and further, and their social protection is deteriorating. What are the main lessons learned from the ” Barometer Expatriates 2018 “, realized by the mutual Humanis and published Thursday, January 18. An expat in two (53 %) did not have coverage in retirement beyond the local system mandatory, one in five (20 %) has no health coverage, and nearly one in two (47 %) did not cover pension (disability, widow). What prepares a depletion insured on their return to France.

Nearly 1 500 French expatriates located on the five continents were interviewed between 14 November and 1 December 2017 for the 6th edition of the Barometer Humanis. The results have been restated to comply with the structure of the population of 1.8 million French citizens living abroad registered in the registry of the ministry of foreign affairs, out of a total population of expatriates, estimated at between 2 and 2.5 million people by the same department.

The reasons for this evolution ? The French are more likely to emigrate (annual increase of 4.6% in the last balance-sheet) are also more likely to work in local contract : 85 % of expatriate employees are in a “local contract” (69 % with a local business, 16 % with a subsidiary). This is 3 percentage points higher in a year and 6 more in two years. And 21 % of them work in independent, double that of ten years ago.

Bonus ” social security coverage ”

This is not without consequence on their social protection. “This trend has been accelerating with a decrease of the support of the social security coverage by the company,” says Sylvaine Emery, director of the international activities of the group Humanis. In 2018, only 25% of expats were supported by their employer…

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