SNCF : the strike is waning, the discomfort railroader grows

A tough day for the railway workers in the fight against the reform railway, Friday, may 18. “We have taken blows to the head “, recognized a trade unionist, a little groggy at the end of the evening. On the nineteenth day of strike of the conflict in dotted line, which lasts since 3 April, has in fact seen to coincide with the one of the lowest rates of mobilization of this sequence with a defeat of the trade unions of the SNCF in the legal battle between the management of the company on the payment of strike days.

The number of the engagement first : 15.7% of strikers only Friday preceding the weekend of Pentecost. The result was highly anticipated as coming after an impressive rate of 27.6 % of staff on strike on Monday 14 may, one of the highest engagement in the course. This spectacular leap, after a continuous erosion, was then thinking that the battle against the “new deal train” was experiencing a new vigor.

This revival appears to have been a fire of straw, the figure of this may 18, drooping almost to the level of which remains today as the lowest score of the social campaign : 14.5% of striking workers on 9 may. “The strong mobilization of the may 14, has been an interlude, a blip is temporary,” says Mathias Vicherat, deputy director general of SNCF. We present, moreover,, Saturday, may 19, the best transport plan, for a day of strike action since the beginning of the conflict. “

“We must not lower our guard ”

The other disappointment for the railway unions came from the court of Bobigny. Rejected in summary proceedings, two of the unions of the SNCF (CFDT and UNSA) have not been successful with this emergency procedure to address the management, which refuses to pay for some days of rest to the strikers. The case will be judged on the merits on may 31, but, in the meantime, these setbacks legal will increase the bill of the…

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