SNCF : “La bataille du rail is a funny war “

Started without a declaration of war and continuing boundless ideological, la bataille du rail is a phoney war which has already made two victims, a minister and a union official. In this match wadded – first test major social of the quinquennium – which takes the wear, the exit from the crisis will be as important as the entry.

At the end of the sixth episode of work stoppages at the SNCF, the government has for the moment no regret to have on the strategy it has adopted to conduct a reform on which so many of his predecessors have broken the teeth. Because to bring down the status of railwaymen, attacking the SGC in one of its last bastions, this is not nothing.

However, the country is not in fire and blood, just annoyed by this strike movement unprecedented forty-eight hours, and that fires every five days, use the nerves of the users, and makes the workers less and less sympathetic in the eyes of public opinion : only four French in ten approve of the strike, according to an IFOP poll published in The Sunday Newspaper of April 29, while 62 % wanted the government to go to the end of the reform.

Not for a convergence of struggles

The firmness displayed by the executive and the hard-line position stated by Emmanuel Macron during his televised speech on April 12, helping to weld around the president, the electorate of the right in favour of the reform, while the left is struggling to qualify for the opponent.

Macron = Thatcher ? Alexis Corbière, member of The France insubordinate, has attempted the comparison. In vain. Since it is mounted to the front, the French president has done everything to differentiate themselves from the iron Lady, who claimed an ideological battle against Arthur Scargill, the boss of the miners ‘ union during the long strike of 1984 and 1985.

Emmanuel Macron is playing a different game. “I don’t have contempt, the railway workers are not the privileged ones, I am the grandson of a railroad worker “, does not stop there…

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