Smartphones : should he resist the mode screens without edge ?

Displays no edge exists since 2014, but in 2017, this is a real flood on the market of the phone. These smartphones are futuristic and attractive, it is understood ; that they are practical and comfortable, on the other hand, is much more debatable. The experts think ? Usability experts and interface designers are not all enthusiastic about the multiplication of these screens full size. Their strengths do not compensate for the trouble they cause, at least for some of the families of users.

Unfortunately, these ergonomic problems to go relatively unnoticed as they are complex and counter-intuitive. Instinctively, the huge screen of the Samsung S8 and iPhone X suggests more comfort, more fun. Why consumers would suspect that the screen diagonal of 5.8 inches from the Samsung S8 is not necessarily preferable to the 5.1-inch of its predecessor ?

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