SlimPay inaugurates the Subscription Lab™, the first showroom to the trade by subscription

The trade by subscription are put into action in the parisian premises of SlimPay

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Of the big brands are present there – Blue Taxis,, Lokéo –
but also startups : Naranjas del Carmen, Fleexi, Kiwatch and Delicorner

Seven businesses in total are taking part in the initiative and highlight the new mode of consumption of services and products popular among the Europeans : the subscription and payment for the use

Paris, Friday may 19, 2017 – SlimPay, a leader in european payments for the subscription, launches Subscription Lab™, the first showroom to the trade by subscription.
In 2016, SlimPay was driving a pan-european study with the Institute Elabe on the consumer by subscription among european consumers. According to this study, 85% of europeans have at least one subscription. Better yet, they affirm their wish to continue to subscribe to different services and products of everyday life.
In 2017, beyond the numbers, SlimPay wants to make concrete this trend and present the services by subscription of 7 companies that have revolutionized their sector.

The Subscription Lab™ : first showroom to the trade by subscription

To accommodate the Subscription Lab™, the parisian premises of SlimPay is transformed and highlight 7 companies, each representing a form of trade by subscription.

“The Subscription Lab™ is a first on a global scale. We give real time to see and touch, what looks like the everyday life of the consumer by subscription. The seven examples presented illustrate perfectly a fundamental change : the use and the profit are more important than property,” explains Jerome Traisnel, co-founder and CEO of SlimPay.

Seven partner companies present their business model based on subscription

The seven companies who exhibited in the Subscription Lab™ symbolize the transformation of their respective areas through a combination of new technologies and new consumer expectations :

4 examples of B2C business model, subscription -:, press subscriptions, and ebooks on tablets and smartphones – customer SlimPay since 2013
Lokéo, long term rental of household appliances, multimedia and smartphone – client SlimPay since 2012
Kiwatch, solution “vidéobienveillance” – client SlimPay since 2011
Naranjas del Carmen, rent a orange and delivery of its production – client SlimPay since 2015

3 examples of B2B business model by subscription :
Taxis Bleus, button connected control – taxis client SlimPay since 2016
Fleexi (Re-trade), short-term rental of smartphones and tablets for the professional – client SlimPay since 2015
Delicorner, delivery of snacks, original and balanced, enterprise – customer SlimPay since 2017

“The Subscription Lab™ now brings together seven of our customers and is intended to extend. Our goal is that all companies, regardless of their size or sector, can identify with one of the cases presented and a glimpse of the opportunities offered by the trade by subscription,” says Jerome Traisnel.

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Visit the website of the Subscription Lab™ and learn in detail the business models of 7 companies exhibiting
White paper : The trade by subscription, a natural evolution of e-commerce
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About SlimPay

Founded in 2009, SlimPay is the european leader in subscription payments. In addition to the processing timelines for EURO payments, SlimPay offers innovative technologies and services dedicated to all stages of the payment in order to facilitate customer acquisition, increase lifetime value and maximize the revenue of the merchant. The company employs more than 60 employees in 6 countries and has more than 2,000 customers in 34 countries, including EDF, Deezer, Nespresso, Unicef….

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