Sixty buyers at the bedside of the business of lingerie Indiscrete

In the torpor of summer, the news had shaken the world economic poitevin. On the evening of Thursday 9 August, the body without life of Didier Degrand, co-managing partner of the firm of lingerie Indiscrete, was found by firefighters in the premises of his company, to Chauvigny, in the Vienne. Faced with the judicial reorganisation of the factory, which he codirigeait with Beatrice Mongella, and Christelle Wood, the head of the company of 55-year-old had left his wife a letter in which he unveiled his intentions to commit suicide.

The cash Indiscrete was charged, since the summer of 2017, for an unpaid amount of 40 000 euros due to the implementation of liquidation of one of its outsourcers. The cancellation of an order of 50 000 euro has made the situation more delicate, but no one in the entourage of the leader, did not imagine such a passage to the act.

“After what we lived in Aubade, our anguish, it was to be obliged to fire,” admitted Beatrice Mongella, who, like his two partners, was an ancient part of the manufactures of lingerie, installed at Saint-Savin, in Vienna.

Descent to the underworld

All three had experienced, first hand, the descent to hell the brand of underwear the famous calendars. Acquired by the swiss company Calida, in 2005, the factory poitevine had been a ” relocation partial in Tunisia, in 2006, followed by two waves of layoffs in 2007 and 2009, which had led to the removal of 244 positions on a staff of 283 employees. And it is especially to save some of these “small hands” that the three executives had created, in 2010, the SAS CBD & Cie and decided to launch the brand Indiscreet, to Chauvigny.

The tribunal de commerce of Poitiers will adopt in the coming months, the device providing psychological Assistance to entrepreneurs in suffering (Apesa), already applied in 42 jurisdictions in France.

Eight years after its creation,…

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