SIMON ASSOCIES strengthens its network in france by integrating two new law firms…

SIMON ASSOCIATES is strengthening its Network SIMON LAWYERS by welcoming two new law firms business represented by MTBA Lawyers located in Toulouse and PRAGMALEXIS based in Saint-Denis of The Meeting. The Network SIMON LAWYERS, which brings together 12 firms, is now present in 16 cities including Bordeaux, Chambéry, Clermont-Ferrand, Fort-de-France, Grenoble, le Havre, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Pointe-à-Pitre, Poitiers, Rouen, Saint-Denis de la Réunion, Saint-Etienne and Toulouse.

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Created in 2014 by the law firm SIMON ASSOCIATES, the Network SIMON LAWYERS is born of the observation that law firms must adapt, share their experiences and know-how to meet the different needs of companies following the economic developments, consumption is different from the right, and to deal also with the challenges of data, digital and business intelligence.

The firms of the Network SIMON LAWYERS are involved in all areas of business law, both in private law than in public, for businesses, services or industries medium-sized or intermediate-sized, institutional investment, banking and insurance, of the social and solidarity economy, in all shapes, performing all types of activities in different sectors, as well as to private clients of leaders and actors in the world of business.

The Network SIMON LAWYERS promotes a quality approach aimed at ensuring the assurance that the services provided respond efficiently and effectively, and operational needs of customers. It is in this spirit that the Network SIMON LAWYERS strives to provide a quality sustainable services by providing a value related to the strength of all members of the network.

The national network brings together to this day, 12 members, divided into 16 cities, with implatantions that it offers to Bordeaux (QUESNEL & ASSOCIES), Chambéry (LEXALP), Clermont-Ferrand (ERIC ESTRAMON), Fort-de-France (SIMON ASSOCIES), Grenoble (SCP SAUL-GUIBERT PRANDINI LENUZZA), Le Havre (JHL LAWYERS), Lyon (DAVID LAURAND & ASSOCIES), Montpellier (SIMON ASSOCIES), Nantes (SIMON ASSOCIES), Paris (SIMON ASSOCIES), Pointe-à-Pitre (SIMON ASSOCIES), Poitiers (DUFLOS-CAMBOURG), Rouen (ANNE THIRION-CASONI), Saint-Denis, Reunion (PRAGMALEXIS), Saint-Etienne (LEX LUX LAWYERS), Toulouse (MTBA LAWYERS).


Founded in 1992, Simon Associés is a firm of business lawyers with integrated offices in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Grenoble, france, Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre. The firm also has organized in france the network-structured baptized Simon Lawyers.

At international level, the firm relies on a network organized around the conventions of transnational arrangements with colleagues in Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Colombia, South Korea, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Usa, Hungary, Mauritius, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Oman, Paraguay, DR Congo, Senegal and Tunisia.

At the service of enterprises, executives and their business, Simon Associates account today in France, more than sixty lawyers, including 20 partners. It brings together over one hundred professionals with the national network Simon Lawyers.

Simon Associates is involved in council as in litigation, in particular in the following areas : Merger, Acquisition, Disposal, Taxation, Firms, Franchise & Distribution, Competition, Consumer, Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration, real Estate commercial, professional and Residential, Construction and Urban planning, Social & HR, Insurance, intellectual Property, New Technology Law and Health Law.

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