Simon Associés has attended the “Belt and Road Forum For International Cooperation” in Beijing on the 14th …

In the wake of the creation of the YINGKE SIMON China Center between Paris and Beijing, Jean-Charles Simon has been involved on 14 may in Beijing at the “Belt and Road Forum For International Cooperation” as a member of the delegation led by Prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

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This forum at the initiative of the President Xi Jinping has met representatives from more than 47 countries, including 28 heads of State, a French delegation being led by Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

The many political and economic actors who have succeeded in the tribune did not fail to emphasize their desire to create a “new community of pacific interests” leading to the” new normal economic development “in the middle of” a road of integrity.”

It consists of creating a new geopolitical landscape in order to restore roads economic ancestral to the north of Europe that have made the success of china’s trade. These roads today are sea and land. They will also be tomorrow the roads it intended to integrate into a large market transcontinental.

This forum has been the occasion of many meetings and exchanges between chinese companies and foreign companies represented by their presidents and high level officials.

On the occasion of a forum taking place in the margin on ” International Industrial Cooperation of the Belt Road Forum “, Jean-Charles Simon has been able to recall the fundamentals of the development of chinese enterprises in France, in Europe and in the World.

The presence of SIMON Associated with the “Belt and Road Forum For International Cooperation”, confirms its commitment to supporting the internationalisation of SMES and ETI French, as well as a few big groups, but also to advise foreign companies wishing to expand in France, in China and in Europe.

“Our goal is to promote exchanges between the chinese companies, the French and the actors of the investment for growth. On the occasion of our various interventions, we reiterated the key points of the international development, a strategy is identified, the human and financial resources, a local partner is strong, and patience… “. says Jean-Charles Simon, managing partner


Founded in 1992, Simon Associés is a firm of business lawyers with integrated offices in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Grenoble, france, Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre. The firm also has organized in france the network-structured baptized Simon Lawyers.

At international level, the firm relies on a network organized around the conventions of transnational arrangements with colleagues in Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Colombia, South Korea, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Usa, Hungary, Mauritius, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Oman, Paraguay, DR Congo, Senegal and Tunisia.

At the service of enterprises, executives and their business, Simon Associates account today in France, more than fifty lawyers, including 20 partners. It brings together over one hundred professionals with the national network Simon Lawyers.

Simon Associates is involved in council as in litigation, in particular in the following areas : Merger, Acquisition, Disposal, Taxation, Firms, Franchise & Distribution, Competition, Consumer, Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration, real Estate commercial, professional and Residential, Construction and Urban planning, Social & HR, Insurance, intellectual Property, New Technology Law and Health Law.

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