Short market recovery would follow Macron victory

London financial analysts said short-term market recovery would follow the centre Emmanuel Macron victory in the French presidential election Sunday in the second round of.

One of the biggest london’s financial-economic elemzőház, the Capital Economics on Friday’s assessment of the situation according to that judge probably, as the French állampírok the EU-sceptic candidate, Marine Le Pen’s victory is a chance of decrease in responding after the first round, the ten-year French sovereign aprons yield spreads of the same maturity German Bund over the likely 25 basis point area would be reduced Le Pen on Sunday after the defeat.

The house expects in this case, the euro also strengthened against the dollar, as this is the first round after it happened. The Capital Economics of london analysts, according to Macron, Sunday’s victory after the euro may reach the 1,12 $ / € exchange rate.


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