Shipyard Group Fincantieri, “a long-term project,” according to Bruno Le Maire

France hopes an agreement on the future of the shipyards STX in the franco-Italian summit next Wednesday, but believes that a rapprochement between Naval Group (ex-DCN), and the Italian Fincantieri will take longer to negotiate, said Thursday the Economy minister Bruno Le Maire. “I hope that we find an agreement between the French and Italian governments for the summit of 27 September, on STX”, a-t-il to a question from The Tribune after a meeting in Paris with suppliers in the aerospace sector. It is the priority of the franco-Italian summit, September 27. On the other hand, “on a Naval Group, and Fincantieri, where we work on projects of much more long-term,” said Bruno Le Maire. Sub-course, there will be no agreement announced on 27 September.

As was revealed in The Tribune, the French State has realised that the military record would take time and that to link the two folders (STX/Fincantieri shipbuilding Group Fincantieri) wouldn’t work, had explained a good connoisseur of the subject. The two folders could potentially live on different schedules, a short-term, STX/Fincantieri, which should be set for the franco-Italian summit on 27 September, and the other of the long-term (Fincantieri/Naval Group).

Annoyance of Italy

The questioning of the assignment agreement of STX group Fincantieri, which had been found between France and Italy at the end of the quinquennium Holland, has much irritated the public authorities, the Italian and sparked a controversy about the French investments in Italian companies. In the framework of the resolution of the case STX, France proposed to Italy to expand cooperation at the naval defence, Naval Group is an important actor.

Rome and Paris were given until 27 September, the date of their bilateral summit in Lyon, in an attempt to find a compromise on the folder of STX.

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