Sercel launches the node wtu-508 to enhance the versatility of the system of land acquisition 508xt

CGG announces today the launching by Sercel of a new node X-Tech® high-performance, WTU-508, thus completing its range of products for land seismic acquisition 508XT. Fully integrated to the platform 508XT existing one, this new node allows more operational flexibility for any type of study of earth, including small urban assignments in complex or very large engagements to high productivity.

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The WTU-508 is a node ingenious, autonomous, and simple to use. Simply connecting a geophone to record its position and starts the acquisition of the seismic data. These data stored in its internal memory are ready to be collected through a radio communication at very high speed.

The WTU-508 also includes a new technology of transmission owner, the XT-Pathfinder, which allows, without wired connection or additional infrastructure, a quality control in real time with the laboratory of record. XT-Pathfinder provides this function by creating a radio network is able to route all the data quality of the nodes to the laboratory to record, automatically adjusting to all the changes, and minimizing the human resources throughout the mission.

Pascal Rouiller, CEO, Sercel, said: “Since the launch of our system of land acquisition 508XT, more than 125, 000 channels have been delivered to our customers in the world. The introduction of our new node WTU-508 full our current product range and brings even more operational flexibility in land seismic data acquisition system of choice, the 508XT.”

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