Sébastien Proto on the ring of the Société générale

He is the man who, for ten years, has whispered in the ear of Nicolas Sarkozy. The one that has long rubbed shoulders with Emmanuel Macron at the national School of administration (ENA), and then to the inspection of finance, before the again at the Rothschild bank. Sébastien Proto, the figure of the shadow broken in the halls of power and in the business world, joined, Monday, September 3, Société générale in the capacity of director of strategy. A hiring of this caliber has not gone unnoticed within the bank, which has been accused of immobility, and strategic in the face of rumors-recurring merger with italy’s Unicredit. That, therefore, comes to this warrior of 40 years in the staff of a Company general prey to states of the soul ?

“He goes there because of big issues are coming. It’s going to put in music the approximation with [an Italian bank] Unicredit “, analyzes one of his close friends

“The director of the strategy, it doesn’t mean anything. He was an apprentice to CEO, launches a business banker who knows him well. It will form, with Frédéric Oudéa [the general manager], then he will succeed him. “” It will explore future scenarios for the Society in general, a great specialist in mergers and acquisitions, his business for the past seven years at Rothschild, analysis of his side one of his close friends. It is because of big issues are coming. The question for the bank, in three years, this is not a case of succession, but its takeover by another bank. It’s going to put in music the merger with Unicredit “. Tailor-made for this fan ” of tactical movements, and columns that you must sacrifice to get the victory.”

In this summer morning, sitting at a table at a café in paris beautiful neighborhoods, Sébastien Proto does betray no secret. Obviously, he doesn’t like to unburden himself. When it does not wish to answer, he prefers to look away and pull on his electronic cigarette. All those who have attended agree :…

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