SEB presents konjunkturrapporten Nordic Outlook: springtime for the world economy – or is it?

The world balances the positive tillväxtsignaler against the difficult political issues. Trumps policy has so far not proved to be flygfärdig. Co-operation, both between and within countries are liable to deteriorate.

How strong will be the growth when the policy creates a headwind? What are the brexitprocessens – and the EU – main huvudvärkar? Monetary policy can be more normal in spite of a continued weak inflationary pressures?

The temperature rises steadily in the Swedish economy and bristtalen skyrockets – as well as bopriserna. The government has financial manöveröverutrymme when the national debt shrinks together considerably.

Can companies raise prices and when reaches inflation at 2 percent? Can the Riksbank to lift interest rates this year already and how to react in such a case the crown? How many budgetkronor put the minister of finance bunny?

Register your interest to Frank Hojem, head of media relations, tel 070-763 9947 as soon as possible.


Robert Bergqvist, chief economist, telephone 08-506 23016, mobile 070-445 1404

Håkan Frisén, forecast manager, telephone 08-763 80 67, mobile 070-763 80 67

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