Scooters electric : the minister of transport announces “a new category of vehicle” in the highway code

Hoverboard, scooter, electric bike… Facing the development of these new modes of transport, notably through offers of “free floating” (without a terminal attached), the minister of transport wishes to legislate. Elizabeth Terminal has announced Tuesday, October 23, in front of the national Assembly that the government would ” create a new category of vehicle in the code of the road “, specifying that this measure would be ” consistent with the draft orientation law on mobility “, which is scheduled for 2019.

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Until now, no legal framework only regulates the use of these means of displacement power can most of the time to reach 25 km/h, and resulting in particular risks for pedestrians and the obstruction of the sidewalks by bicycles and scooters.

“These new vehicles electric travel staff are part of these new mobility solutions. But an innovation is only a positive if it develops in a suitable framework, allowing that it is of benefit to all, “said the minister of transport, believing that it was” for the safety of both pedestrians as users.”

Scooter : “We’re going to create a new category of vehicle in the road code. These gears can…

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“Their place is not on the pavements ”

The uses of these new modes of transportation have evolved more rapidly than the infrastructure, it sometimes becomes difficult to know who has the legal right to ride on the pavement, bus lane, the sidewalk or the bike paths. On this point, Ms Terminal says :

“We can’t leave gear circulating, sometimes 20 or 30 km/h, putting at risk the safety of pedestrians on the sidewalks. These gears can move on the trails or on bike lanes or in areas with 30 km/h. But their place is not on the sidewalks, where the pedestrians ‘ safety must be ensured. ”

The minister of transport states that ” these rules must be able to take into account the local situations “. The mayors will therefore be asked to adapt these rules by taking into account the situation of their territory “. Christophe Najdovski, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of transport, stressed, on September 9, ” the need for regulation of these movements and of a national regulation to define the category of these vehicles “.

A legal framework for the ” free floating ”

With regard to services of “free floating,” the transport minister has also expressed its willingness to provide a legal framework : “beyond The upheaval that represent these new gear shift personnel, the law on the orientation of the mobilities will also provide a framework for the development of services in free float. “

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Stating that cities such as Bordeaux and Lille, were waiting for a legislation on the subject, Ms Terminal has indicated that the government would ” allow local communities to define a specification for the development of these new services “.

In June, the City of Paris had taken the lead in enacting a charter of good conduct for two-wheels in ” free floating “. The charters have a “vocation to serve as a framework for the regulation of the free float in other cities” of the world, “said Anne Hidalgo,” what we do today is also looked at as an experience that allows you to feed, ” the future law on the mobility.

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