Science-fiction, new mother lode of the businesses to imagine their future

Who remembers téléphonoscope, the ancestor of the phone, the musicophone, the ancestor of the hi-fi or video conferencing, all three of which are devised in the 1880s by the French novelist Albert Robida (1848-1926) ? How also forget Jules Verne (1828-1905) and his visions of the future ? In From the Earth to the Moon, he, in 1865, to dream its readers with the man in space ; in Twenty thousand leagues under the seas, 1869, he describes the offshore operations, to be born several decades later.

Closer to us, the “PADD” touch of captain Spock in the television series ” Star Trek “, which aired in the early 1960s, recalls the future of the tablet Apple iPad, which has seen the light of day in 2010. And what about the Communicator, a mobile phone, clamshell, also seen in ” Star Trek “, and produced a few decades later, by Motorola, or the famous hoverboard from Back to the future (Robert Zemeckis, 1985), now in the streets near you. As to 2001 : a space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick), the interactions of voice with Hal 9000, and the artificial intelligence (AI) of the ship, clearly inspired current virtual assistants voice like Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon). And this, as early as 1968 !

If science-fiction (SF), in all its forms, has made the dreams of many children for nearly two centuries, it was also largely inspired by large organizations such as contractors. In 1980, EDF had published The Chronic muxiennes, which featured the use of telematics (the ancestor of the Internet) on a daily basis. A certain Pierre Martin recovered, through a ” telescreen “, a letter from his energy supplier, before you read his ” news that is customized to his tastes, his training, and his political preferences. ”

Prepare for trips to the Moon or Mars

More recently, we find the seeds of the culture SF at Apple (and its…

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