Scheduled airlines and low-cost approximate their practices

The regular airlines and low-cost will it eventually look like ? As the years pass, the more the differences fade between the great rivals of air transport. A new proof of this reconciliation has been brought about by the low cost Vueling.

The Spanish subsidiary of the british group IAG, parent of British Airways, has announced, on Thursday 27th September, a new organisation of its offer for tariff. Like regular airlines such as Air France, British Airways et al, Vueling now offers the options, with rates and offers car seats – designed specifically for families and business travelers.

This approach breaks with the philosophy of starting low-cost airlines, who had opted for a single rate. Over the years, this base price has been enriched with a wide variety of paying options such as seat selection, boarding or fast registration of luggage in the hold. Vueling explains the diversification of its offer of tariff by the willingness to ” adapt better to the needs of its customers “.

In fact, the Spanish subsidiary of IAG, has found that only “70 % of its passengers chose it for the price” of its notes, notes its marketing director, David Garcia Blancas. Among the 21.5 million passengers carried between January and August, ” 30% are business customers “, especially bosses or managers of SMES. These clients are “very interested in the price” bottom of Vueling, says Mr. Garcia Blancas, but they also want tickets flexible to adapt to their professional constraints.

Social conflicts

At Vueling, the families have to pay 20 euros more per seat to travel coast-to-coast, while it costs 35 euros for an additional passenger business for the purchase of a ticket, combo boxes, and priority boarding. These options make the fortune of the low cost. EasyJet has unveiled,…

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