San Francisco considering banning the company cafeterias

A salad bar, a variety of dishes prepared on site and a terrace to enjoy sunny days. On the ninth floor of 1355 Market Street in San Francisco (California), the cafeteria of Twitter feeds for free, noon and night, nearly 2, 000 employees. The social network is not an isolated case : in Silicon Valley, the free meals are part of the benefits offered to employees by the vast majority of companies and technology start-ups.

This situation could soon change. Because, on the 24th of July, two municipal councilors of San Francisco have introduced a bill aimed at prohibiting, in part, cafeterias. Goal : compel the employees to come out of their offices and to attend the nearby restaurants. This measure, which will be submitted to the vote in September, is already generating very strong reactions. It symbolizes the willingness of some local officials to harden the tone after years of policies benevolent to the high-tech sector.

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