Salmon, instead of black bodzát eat the climate change adaptation Kodiak-bear

Salmon, instead of black bodzát eat the fish spawning period of the Kodiak bear in Alaska – they listen to american researchers, who say that the background of the phenomenon of climate change.

The Proceedings of scientific journals presented in the study, the research group of the Kodiak island group in periodic changes in living there bears the impact has been studied.

The Kodiak island group, Alaska on the southern coast of located. This is the Kodiak bear, (Ursus arctos middendorffi), brown bear is the largest stature subspecies of the home. The polar bear is the largest body of terrestrial predatory mammals on Earth, usually preferentially consume from the rivers spawning at a pop-up salmon.

However, the researchers observed that the alaskan climate is warm their impact have changed the bears ‘ feeding habits – writes PhysOrg scientific-educational news portal.

Put cameras out to record, as soon as the predators they catch the salmon, 36 female GPS-collar was placed and followed their movements, territorial studies have been conducted and studied the bear droppings.

They discovered that the Kodiak bear is increasingly a decision situation, to salmon or black bodzát eat, because the elder earlier to ripen, so the elderberry season overlapping the salmon spawning period.

Before the salmon spawning usually in late July began, the black elderberry is at the end of August mature. The bears begázoltak the shallow rivers to the spawning area of salmon they catch and eat. A month later, and the worth of the black elderberry has become the main food.

Over the past decades, however, the situation has changed, the black elderberry is often already at the end of July to reach. In this situation, the bears, the elder decide to completely leave the river and almost exclusively the fruit is consumed.

According to experts, is unclear, what is the impact of the change to the bears, the salmon, or other organisms, which are the bears left behind by halmaradvány for a reason nutrition.

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