Sale of products Lactalis : the CEO of E. Leclerc apologizes

It is a failure “unacceptable” in the words of Michel-Edouard Leclerc, CEO of the eponymous group. The sale, by E. Leclerc, product Lactalis yet recalled by the manufacturer after the contamination of infants with salmonella bacteria has aroused the indignation and concern of parents and associations. “People never imagined that there were still such products in circulation. Personally, I thought it was a nickel, ” said Mr. Leclerc in Paris, Wednesday, 10 January.

The leader of the large grocery retailer explained that it had requested an “inventory push” and realizing that ” the 984 boxes of 200 references, had not been removed despite reminders successive. They have been purchased by 782 clients “. A “crisis committee” has been put in place for the contact and was able to attach the half, explained Mr. Leclerc, who complained of a “human management which was not followed” in order to explain these sales. “We are doing this fault and we apologize to the parents. “

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